Congratulations on your decision to purchase a new home!

Together with Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage I have the experience and resources to help make your home purchase exciting and enjoyable.

An overview of the transaction:

1.  Select Valerie Wastcoat, Relator & Accredited byer Representative with Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage to act as your buyer’s agent.

2.  Obtain a pre-approval for a mortgage loan (Valerie has a list of preferred lenders).

1–3 days

3.  Define your real estate needs and desires with Valerie Wastcoat.

1–3 days

4 Review properties online and tour homes. – This is a process!  It typically takes a buyer to see 21 houses before they will find their home

Typically 1–12 weeks

5. Prepare and submit an offer on your desired property. Valerie will prepare a comparative market analysis to estimate the home’s value and will  recommend an offer price as well as discuss best strategy.

6. Negotiate the sale with the sellers through your buyer’s agent Valerie Wastcoat and the listing agent.

7. Hire a professional home inspector and conduct a home inspection

3–10 days after accepted offer

8. Hire Real Estate attorney to prepare and sign the Purchase and Sale Agreement.(Valerie has a list of preferred attorneys)

5–14 days after accepted offer

9. Submit a mortgage application.

5–14 days after accepted offer

10. Loan processing/appraisal/commitment from Lender.

14–21 days from application

11. Closing preparation by the closing attorney including a title search and document preparation.

7–14 days prior to closing

12. Obtain final utility bills, smoke and carbon monoxide detector certificate and prepare the deed (seller responsibility).

7–14 days prior to closing

13. Notify utility companies of closing date to disconnect seller/connect for buyers (natural gas, electric, telephone, cable, and Internet).

7–14 days prior to closing

14. Conduct final property visit (walk through).

1 day prior to closing or often times morning of closing

15. Close the transaction – it’s your home!

45–60 days from accepted offer